Sandy Hook Fake FBI 'Sniper'

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Hollywood actor DAVID WHEELER played 2 roles in the Sandy Hook HOAX.
Wheeler role #1 was FAKE FBI Sniper. Wheeler role #2 was Grieving Father of (murdered) Benjamin Wheeler.

That's 2 different Newtown CT "shooting" roles for 1 actor (David Cole Wheeler).

David Wheeler playing 2 Sandy Hook roles PROVES Newtown's "school shooting" was FAKE. Sandy Hook was a hoax -- a false flag -- to terrorize Americans out of their guns.

David Wheeler is a professional actor in the movie FAITHFUL released in 2001. Francine Wheeler (his wife) is a TV actor in the Dream Jam Band and the animated film Mutant Aliens.

David Wheeler is FAKE FBI since he's never handled a gun before Newtown. Wheeler carries his AR15 rifle upside down, by the magazine -- pointed at women and children behind him. Wheeler wears surplus gear that ISN'T marked 'FBI.'

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