NFL Suicide?

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NFL players protest the National Anthem. Are they trying to score political points, or is something deeper going on?


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Everyone knows MSM and Hollywood pimp Divide & Conquer propaganda:

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So as the DC Regime reaches total Narrative Fail with the collapse of "Russia Russia" and Antifa street theatre, what's their next move? Suicide.

Nobody's buying their crap anymore. Nobody's falling for it. Manufactured Fear has ceased to scare anyone. Regime henchmen are getting ignored:

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So the question becomes, since TV has collapsed as a platform, how does the Regime manipulate you? If their puppets are no longer taken seriously, how can they sway you?

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When spooked, the Regime runs back to Alinsky.

Panicked, they grab their classic Liberal Playbook and turned to PAGE ONE: "Divide & Conquer."

But since nobody reads newspapers, they're useless. Since nobody's watching CNN, the Regime can't use CNN.

The only pipeline still standing seems to be American mainstays like ESPN. That's the only thing anyone watches.

So they stage more Street Theater -- they get NFL players kneeling and ignoring the National Anthem. Are the players bribed, threatened? Who cares. It's another Soros stunt, just like Antifa. But this time it feels different because it's on ESPN.

After all, how many viewers can you reach from a WALMART bathroom?

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The end result is Divide & Conquer. Get you hating your favorite team. Get your neighbors separated into two camps. Camp #1 supports those Free Speech NFL players. Camp #2 hates those Traitor players.

Once your neighbors are divided, each camp gets guided however Soros and Congress want.

Perhaps the Regime will magically announce a "Solution" to the "Problem" they've engineered. Proving once again that we "need government" as the Middle Man -- in every aspect of our daily lives.


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