Las Vegas 'Shooting' MEMES

in politics •  2 years ago 

Memes from the Las Vegas FAKE SHOOTING.


America catches on to FBI's string of Hoax Shootings -- with these memes:

las vegas mandalay bay shooting false flag.jpg

At Mandalay Bay, fake shooter "Stephen Paddock" used ____ guns to kill ____ people.

Every hour, MSM changes their False Flag narrative.

2 vegas.jpg

Why was FBI's fake shooter "triggered" by Country Music?

3 vegas.jpg

How do the Feds keep all these hoaxes going?

1 vegas.jpg

Will the Regime succeed in grabbing your guns -- using fake shootings?


gun control beatles hillary maxine band.jpg

Look at this SHOTGUN PLANTED at Sandy Hook:

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All, on facebook i am posting these memes amd tagging mandalay bay as location. lets wear em out till they shut that down!

Good stuff, I especially liked the triggered trio.
What's with this guy? Half the photos being broadcast he looks asleep. Maybe he was sleep walking through this whole ordeal. And who the hell is he? First he's a retired accountant, then a real estate mogul, then a high stakes gambler ( that plays video poker) WTF?

Awesome job man! I live in Vegas and appreciate your help exposing these nut jobs!!!

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You must be a graphic designer.

you crack me up dude.