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The fact that in the face of this “pandemic” of Covid-19, the greatest damage is being suffered by the most developed nations is strikingly powerful. There is an abysmal gap in terms of the number of confirmed cases and deaths among super-populated nations but with a lack of a developed economy or poor nations. In other words, the poorest countries and not necessarily the least populated have low numbers of deaths and confirmed cases. It is known that in these underdeveloped nations hygiene habits resulting from the very marginality in which most live are scarce or null. If the spread pattern and its vector were as discussed in these nations, there would be hundreds of thousands of cases, both confirmed and deaths.

So what makes the poorest and most unprotected immune?

It turns out that developed countries have something in common (infrastructure), most of them have advanced communication networks as well as the different electrical services of which are made up of two-way electrical meters, there is a greater concentration of electronic devices and household appliances per inhabitant than in the poorest nations. The cases of Libya, Syria, South Sudan, Somalia, Haiti and others are curious. Nations ravaged by war and famine. Nations in which its inhabitants live in refugee camps or in conditions of poverty, the latter nations lack advanced technological infrastructure, therefore electromagnetic pollution.

The idea of staying at home sounds correct according to some, but after having worked MRI and nuclear medicine (for years) in addition to my experience in other fields. I properly understand the effects of certain frequencies. As well as the possibility that these techniques are being used for the purpose of collecting biological and biometric parameters. I already mentioned this in DeAnimales I and II published at the end of 2018.

For those who like to read, I leave you some interesting links that address the issue of safety and health risks in the face of certain electromagnetic fields and the respective harmful frequencies. Most of the information is in English, but they are from reliable sources.

Perhaps the race to achieve low levels of latency = <0.001 millisecond without having implemented the respective studies, or a unique hybrid event, that is, a platform capable of using both RF technologies and the electricity grid itself is testing “for its account ”something capable of inducing an altered physiological state with lethal purpose and incapacitating or data collection.

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The above is exposed exercising my right to protest against the dangerous loss of civil rights and liberties in some nations, rights that cost blood and much effort to achieve. The right to free movement, assembly, expression and to have my time and destiny without having to give embarrassing explanations. The politicians, even if the above “hypothetical” scenario were true, would not comment or take any action. The reasons are twofold: [1] The agreements out of necessity and the juicy commissions they “receive” [2] The overflowing and euphoric happiness, which they are suffering at the moment since they allow them under the pretext of the “pandemic” to realize their fantasies of dictators on duty.


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