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As part of neo-synarchism and hybrid warfare, decorative and contemporary art figures have decided to leave people without savings. In addition to this, they sell fear in the hope that they will make panic and supply purchases. On the other hand, they require private companies to pay their tax obligations, even understanding the situation in which they themselves have submerged them (for the record, if they do not pay, they can “intervene”) said intervention, according to them, will be to guarantee the production of basic goods and services. (Koljós).

And why all that?

It turns out that each product that is purchased has something called VAT, so the more purchases are made (for whatever reason), the more taxes are collected. In the case of private companies, they are required to pay obligations despite the contingency, in order to collect more and more taxes. Once they finish squeezing society, it is in a deplorable state from the point of view of savings. Then they will tell you that as part of the rescue and restructuring they lend you Said loan will be made with your own money raised, the same that you decided to spend since they led you to panic, in the case of the private company, these loans will be made with the money raised via your contributions and taxes.

The degree of perversion of these individuals is unprecedented and, to top it all, the decorative figure, which is part of the modern art gallery, lacks the capacity and authority to assert his authority above other officials, governors and others. ills. Then the million dollar questions arise:

What is the point of spending a lot of money from the public purse on political proselytizing? What is the point of having a nice constitution if you cannot exercise your rights? What is the point of having someone on the order who is clearly and because of his actions, just a piece of modern art? In other words, a decorative figure.

So if they were right when they promised to govern for the rich and for the poor, only they changed the word swindling to govern. Being that way:

We will cheat the rich and the poor.

In the face of such acts, he and the aforementioned become winners of the greatest prize for perversion that we grant: the black sheep. The guy and his entourage could have gone down in history as one of the best administrations. They had everything to prevail, prevail and transcend. But the old saying goes:

Tell me who you are with (sign) and I will tell you who you are.

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