Hard disc copy.

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Hard disc copy 001.png

If you have to copy a disc, how do you prefer: Complete or defective?

The molecule shown at the beginning is Ethanol (alcohol), so the question arises: What does ethanol have to do with a hard drive? It turns out that apparently someone out there is doing “Backups” and to perform such backups requires several conditions:

[1] The subject to be copied must be in an area that is scannable, that is: be subject to technological infrastructure with the ability to extract its parameters of neural activity and bio- brain chemistry. For such purposes it will be bombarded with a signal and then extract the information (it does not matter if he dies or is harmed in any way) what matters is the end.

[2] To undertake the above the subject must be in an area that is known, for example his home. So in order to put him in his house you have to scare him so that he does not want to go out and avoid meeting and share with other subjects.

[3] He must maintain social distance from other individuals, including those from his family environment, in this form the "technological toy" does not confuse two subjects with oneself and does not yield false positives. To achieve the above, more fear must be induced "fear and much caution."

[4] Said subject must be sober "this is where it gets interesting", sober means coherent. It turns out that not only ethanol or alcohol produces levels of CNS stimulation. The caffeine, chocolates, sugar, nicotine as well as any type of substance that alters the Parameters of a coherent psyche must be removed. This part is a bit more difficult since Banning alcohol is not the same as banning chocolates. But ... it turns out that the same lying rats who have orchestrated all of the above will know "in due course" how to justify a lot of lies plus.

[5] It must be active, that is to say awake. Of course, a subject in a dreamlike state, which lacks Rational logic is not a subject of copying. Copying something like this would be copying a deformed version of the reality of the subject himself. To achieve this, the terrorists always pass in front of the homes of said subjects at 7:00 am with megaphones at full volume being able to these their understanding with the “backup contingency” and showing them the great love that the benefactor and protector state. Even until recently them did not forgive him any debt or lack and that Due to the "backup contingency" it supports them financially, forgives them their debts and for above all things he loves them infinitely.

[6] Very low latency times are required in order to process in real time any variation of the subject in relation to their present or future intentions. In this way the state protector and overflowing with sincerity and love can know in real time if any subject has or can develop "different" behaviors. To achieve the above, they will upholster with antennas and repeaters from the ground to the sky. In this way they guarantee that wherever you go the eye of the protector immaculate, canonized, and always well-loved heart of the government (companies, other political shareholders and criminals with or without a white collar ) can follow you.

[7] In order not to stress the subject too much, please provide to him with so much media crap audio- visual entertainment and Internet content as possible. The above is accomplished precisely with the above. So shameless the matter.


The contractor and the state obtain from the above a complete census of the different patterns of behavior of the subject, thus being able to predict with a minimum margin of error any future deviation before it occurs. In this way, the last frontier of privacy is tell your mind. It is left naked and therefore, without knowing it or being aware of it, the degree of slavery will be perpetual and that of gratitude of the subject “idiot” eternal. If something is free, surely you are the product. The story that you can download a movie in 2 seconds sounds nice, it turns out that by the time you have those benefits they will have you. That means you, not your body.

Albert Einstein said:

I know two infinite things: the universe and human stupidity.
But I'm not sure the universe is.

I would love to dedicate a few more lines to you, but I have to go buy some barley, rye, yeast and water "blessed" to prepare a delicious and nutritious drink "gift of the gods". With Luck it can be contaminate with some ergot and then we will move in stereo.