Democrats Support People in This Country Unlawfully, as cheap labor, over Legal Immigrants

in politics •  3 months ago

Furthermore, Democrats support illegals over all citizens in the United States. Illegals are seen as being nothing more than and endless source of cheap labor by the party that has been historical known to support slavery and to be against every sort of equal rights. Illegals from Mexico, in the current context of discussion, are their favorite people because they are hush hush about their status. Which also translates to them accepting pay that would be too low for the vast majority of Americans to support themselves and their families off of. To Democrats, illegals are the new slaves of a different sort. Farmers that are Democrats are the modern plantation owners. Many times, the migrants even live packed into housing on farm property. Do not think for a second that Democrats support illegals out of the goodness of their hearts. They see them as obedient, unquestioning workers and nothing more. They don't see them as individuals.

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