An Open Letter to The Too Big to Talk to. I'm Naming Names. Tweet Them Till They Hear Me!

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Sam Harris (@SamHarrisOrg), Lawrence Krauss (@LKrauss1), Robert Reich (@RBReich)

Are these self proclaimed liberals actually liberal? Are these people trying to ensure a Trump victory in 2020?

This is almost certainly not their intention, but it is exactly what they are doing. I don't know if they are living in a bubble or if they are purposely keeping quiet about certain issues, but their refusal to have an open and honest discussion about key issues is contributing to a Trump victory in 2020.

There is only one way that liberals beat Trump in 2020 and that is by fixing the corrupt Democratic party. I have tried desperately talk to these people about this, but have been totally ignored. I have been patient with them, but over time, that patience has grown into resentment.

Do any of these liberals understand how much Bernie Sanders supporters despise the Democratic party? It is an irrefutable fact that the DNC and the media rigged the primary against Sanders. That fractured the party and resulted in a Trump victory.

There is also strong evidence that the primary election was stolen from Sanders by election fraud.

Why won't these so called liberals mention any of this? Why won't these men stand up for truth an justice? I challenge all three of you gentlemen engage in a civil and public discussion on this topic with myself or another liberals who shares my views. Get out of your bubble and have a genuine discussion with the people below. Through open and honest discussion, maybe you can come up with a real strategy to beat Trump in 2020.

I nominate: H.A. Goodman (@HAGOODMANAUTHOR ), Tim Black (@RealTimBlack), and Jimmy Dore (@jimmy_dore)

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