Sanctuary Cities Are a Vehicle for Voter Fraud: Illegal Alien Non-Citizens and Legal Non-Citizens Are Included When Determining Legislative Vote ApportionmentsteemCreated with Sketch.

in politics •  2 years ago

In this article, I assert that sanctuary city policies in effect in many large liberal cities across the nation are being intentionally used as a means to commit voter fraud against the American people.

The United States congressional apportionment that determines how many seats each of the 50 states has in the House of Representatives is determined by the decennial census performed by the United States Census Bureau.

Found in the above pdf made available by the Census Bureau on page 2 item 2:

Who is included in the apportionment population counts?
The apportionment calculation is based on the total resident population (citizen and noncitizen) of the 50 states.

Since illegal alien citizens are counted in the census by which apportionment is determined, by encouraging illegal alien residence in their cities and passing laws to protect illegal aliens from federal immigration enforcement officials, sanctuary cities are committing voter fraud and disenfranchising Americans who live in law abiding localities.

Although I do not discount that illegal aliens may have cast votes in our elections, it is important for the American people to understand that:

Even if zero illegal alien votes were cast, voter fraud and disenfranchisement is still occuring via illegal alien inclusion in the census count that determines congressional apportionment.

  • What can we the people do to help true the vote before the 2018 elections?
  • What can we the people do to ensure that illegal aliens are not included in population count used to determine congressional apportionment in the 2020 census?

Update: I made a huge oversight by focusing on illegal aliens. The census population count includes not just illegal alien non-citizens, but a huge number legal non-citizens as well. I would like to add to my assertion that the drive to increase legal immigrant refugees may also be intended as a vehicle to commit voter fraud through this means.

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I had never thought of that aspect but you are completely correct.

11 million illegal immigrants in the country as of 2015. 2 million in California alone.

Some of this balances out in the short term -- Texas (usually votes red) was given an extra 4 apportionments in the 2012 election based on 2010 census, Florida (kind of a mixed bag) gained 2, while Arizona/Georgia/Nevada/South Carolina/Utah/Washington all gained 1 (very mixed bag there.)

Meanwhile, New York and Ohio lost 2 (mixed bag) and Illinois/Iowa/Louisiana/Massachusetts/Michigan/Missouri/New Jersey/Pennsylvania all lost 1 (also mixed bag.)

But -- long term trend is clear, allowing populations to stream into your country and including them in your voting process even if they don't vote is a recipe for disaster.

Good pickup!


Hi Gwiss, I just wanted to respond to the 11 million since 2015 number - that number has been in usage since 2009 with no changes.

11.2 Million Illegal Immigrants in U.S. in 2010, Report Says; No Change From ’09 -

With the shift in the way sanctuary city policies have been used since 2008, I suspect that the number of illegal aliens counted in the 2020 census could be much higher and will further negatively impact the apportionment and value of each citizen's vote.

Also, I made an update to the article due to my oversight that the huge number of legal non-citizens are also being included in the population count for apportionment. Something like 13% or more of the California population are non-citizens.


Yikes. That means that 6 of their apportionment votes really belong elsewhere. Crazy.

I guess trusting the folks who are telling us that illegal immigrants don't matter to also be the ones telling us how many illegal immigrants there are is not wise.