I can show you I spied on you, but if you ever dare say I spied on you, i'll say you're lying

in politics •  2 years ago

Wasn't last week's scandal about information Democrats say they got by spying on Republicans?

Leakers said they could prove Republicans were talking to Russians with evidence they got by spying.

Now Trump is being accused of having no evidence to support his complaints about being spied on?

He tweeted earlier today that his residence was wiretapped.

And pretty much all the headlines are saying in response that he has no evidence.

According to The Guardian and maybe other publications, an organization called Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) gave the FBI permission to wiretap a server in Trump's residence.

The FBI apparently first applied to FISA for a warrant (it was denied) to spy on Trump's server in June of 2016. That application named Trump as the planned target.

After they didn't get permission with it, they tried again with a re-do, which FISA approved in October of 2016.

In the second application, they followed FISA's instructions to go after a narrower target, so the target became, not Trump, but a private server in Trump's residence? Or so that's what the report seems to be saying.


Reason they wanted to spy on Trump's server? So they could prove it was connected to Russian banks.

And according to what seems like a reasonable investigation into the matter by The Verge, there was a connection: DNS lookup queries TO and FROM the banks' and Trump's computers/servers. Most likely for spam marketing by Trump. Not secret.


It's getting harder and harder to be loyal to the party my late parents invested enormous amounts of time and money in, and to think of the mainstream press as anything other than grist for writers of comedy. A party I often can no longer believe I voted and volunteered for for so many years.

If you want to discredit somebody if/when they deserve to be discredited, it's kind of hard to do if you have no credibility, don't you think?

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It is becoming more apparent every day that what the Dummycrats accuse Pres. Trump of they are in fact guilty of. A smokescreen to keep the potential prosecutors away from themselves. Won't work in the end. I have heard that there are 23,000 sealed indictments to be administered.
They are running scared which is understandable if one breaks the law again and again. The corruption is immense. It will take two Trump terms to clean up the mess and to stabilize the U.S. once again, to restore law and order, and to hold the Constitution high again. Have Faith for God the Father is truely in charge.