Why we shouldn't "unite"

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There has been a lot of talk from the described "centrists" and those who are turned off by how "divisive and heated" politics has gotten in the U.S. in the last couple of years.

Why can't things be like they used to be? Why can't we be sensible and just come together?

What they are actually witnessing is the death of the center. For years people have kept quiet about their actual interests and issues they had with their country/culture. However, this is changing. The tribalism rooted deeply within every person on earth is emerging to the surface and they are finally standing for what they actually believe in and no longer have interest in singing kumbaya.

This isn't a bad thing. People naturally self-segregate whether they want to admit it or not. Some groups just don't get along with others. You can't seriously expect ancaps and libsocs to get along and want to spend extended periods of time with each other, can you?

What the final solution the fracturing of american political discourse will be is unclear to me at this time, but a solution should be found soon, to minimize the damage of whatever conflict is just on the horizon.



Interesting post, I really hope this can engender some interesting discussion.

I've been wondering about this notion for quite some time, typically around the idea of political tribalism. Do you think this is a new thing? I'm too lazy to go hunt down the source, but I heard/read recently that as compared to 20-30 years ago, Americans are far less likely to be willing to engage in friendships/relationships with people of differing political views. What has changed?

One theory I have been playing with is that political tribalism has risen at the same time that religious tribalism has declined.

I would like to explore one idea, and would love to get your take. You say one "can't seriously expect ancaps and libsocs to get along and want to spend extended periods of time with each other."

What do you suppose would have to change, in order for this to change? Would we simply have to collectively focus our tribalistic tendencies around something else, or is there some other hope for useful, meaningful political discourse that transcends political ideologies? THANKS!

You make a pretty good point. There has been a shift in the tribalism. I would conjecture the tough political divide comes from our 24 hour news cycle. News on both sides has devolved into a reality TV version of true reporting. The focus is on hyperbole. Who can take the more polarizing and outrageous stance. Unfortunately, if you watch the television or mainstream internet news you are almost forced to choose a side. And the choice of a side (tribe) is going to be extreme because that is how the information is presented. This causes the divide to be so drastic that friendly conversation or sharing of ideas is not possible.

I think there is hope. People are smart. People are starting to realize the masses have been brainwashed. So you posed a question, can we have meaningful political discourse that transcends ideologies. Yes, I believe we can. It needs to come from a spot of loosely held thoughts. "I think this because this..." A thought is something that can be changed and learned from.
It can't come from a place of belief. "I believe this because I'm a good person."

So, I see that being done between individuals. I'm not aware of a platform for that type of discussion currently, but hey, Steem is as good a place as any.

Why don't you write up a post about it @process.improver.


Thanks for you post @amirkey

Great insights :) $ Man....

While I take all of your points, it got me thinking...why does the 24 hour news cycle, as well as my social media feed and just about everybody/everything else vying to conquer my economy of attention rely on hyperbole? Is that the problem in and of itself? The race to the bottom (of my brainstem) has no time for nuance?

This troubles me because not only is there no immediate cure I can conceive, but the problem may only get worse as technology and information become even more pervasive and integrated.

Fun chat...you shaded my view on this in a new way, for which I thank you. I hope you feel good about providing that experience to somebody.

Wow, that is a heavy question. Maybe this problem does only get worse. I wonder if there is any way that technology ends up solving the hyperbole problem instead of furthering it.
Well, I post on that idea for a bit.

Look forward to more of your thoughts.

Thanks for the comment. I think your comparison of religious tribalism's decline with the increase of political tribalism's recent interest is a point. They could be directly related, actually. It seems that people have a tendency to want to stand for some ideology, whether it be political or theological. I'm not sure what can be done to prevent a civil war, but I don't think forcing people with drastically conflicting world views together is a good solution. Whether it be more patriotism like you suggest or something else. I'm just worried some bad shit is gonna go down.

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