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RE: The Increasing Likelihood Of Nuclear War Should Straighten Out All Our Priorities

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Did you read Paul Craig Roberts recent post along the same lines? It's even more alarming than what you wrote. I don't think many consider this position, however it seems clear to me that the US is economically and militarily a sinking ship beyond saving, not unlike the Titanic. The concern is what those running the US behind the scenes will do while the Titanic is sinking? See that's the problem, when a psychopath has nothing to lose, they would rather everyone loses than be themselves defeated. And there are many psychopaths in charge. The scary thing also is just how many are so ambivalent to this, unlike during the Cold War when people where legitimately aware of the threat of nuclear annihilation. It's quite amazing the extent of propoganda that we've been inculcated with and possessed by, so much so that the next "scandalous" thing Donald Trump tweets about is far more pressing than the impending total destruction of the planet.


If you are that scared maybe you should go back to practicing dunking underneath your desk.

Or putting my head in the sand?

One the Atomic Clock isn't set in stone, sort of like the return of any of the many prophets we've been waiting thousands of years to reign destruction upon the mounting number of really would have thought they'd been here by now. A lot of their reasoning was based on Trumps interaction with world leaders and his policies on climate change, just more of the liberal spewing propaganda. You and I are actually more at fault then Trump in the force of any perceived global warming. Every time we buy a product made any significant distance away from home adds to global warming, are you even aware of the amount of trucks it takes to transport all these goods? Take a look at one article I came across several months ago:

“Cross-border trade supports over 46,000 U.S. trucking jobs, including 31,000 U.S. truck drivers, and generates $6.5 billion in revenue for our industry annually,” noted Bob Costello, chief economist for the American Trucking Association. “As the U.S. renegotiates this agreement with Canada and Mexico, we urge them to keep the tremendous benefits to our economy and our industry in mind,” he said.

...then you can google NAFTA and climate change and read all the links. Most will tell you that any advances we made in ozone depletion were defeated after the implementation of NAFTA and increased pollution it cost. Not just because of increase traffic either but manufacturing facilities that moved to some of these countries with no or less restrictive requirements on pollution controls, some of the same countries that faced no penalties at all if they didn't live up to their end of the Paris agreement and if you look under whats required of China they have already met their end of the agreement. So we are suppose to as a nation place even a further burden of restrictions at our disadvantage to the advantage of others plus pay them (which is a bribe) to get them to do it....if a country doesn't care enough to do something on their own then they just don't care any more or less than Trump when it came to the accord. Most people don't either if you look at it that they'd rather have a cheap product made thousands upon thousand of miles from home then take extra money out of their pocket book to pay a little more to save the earth. Trump didn't create the global climate issue, that happened over time and until everyone jumps on board to do their part, including paying more for companies willing to install and maintain expensive equipment to reduce the carbon footprint nothing will change the direction we are headed in with any perceived climate change. I say perceived because some will argue it's actually the way the earth tilt change over time that causes or contributes to changes.
As far as psycho's running around that has always been true and the world has always managed to eliminate or keep them in order with checks and balances, the automatic clock didn't even mention the fact that sanctions had S Korea and N Korea talking now, that's huge. Obama was moving the clock faster than Trump was, look it up the minutes on Obama's watch. We all and they all have to keep looking in the mirror, we are only a reflection of what this time allows us, how we participate on this earth for our own self interest reflect upon what we leave for our children, wishing death by annihilation and global climate catastrophic events isn't on the agenda even for the most pristine madman.

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