One Perspective to Consider when Evaluating 'Democracies'

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I might be one of those few who do not get fascinated by monarchies nor the monarchs themselves, I hate them, they have not brought anything of value to the people ever since there were any 'chosen' or killed to achieve that title of king, prince, queen, and so on. The most of those I despise are the so-called 'constitutional monarchies', what on earth does that suppose to mean?

Before you get excited and prepare your thoughts to answer me, I'm not looking for any answers on this topic, I'm simply highlighting some hypocrisies in the weird world we all share, and just keep in mind that every single 'monarch' have their family reached power by killing more of the others who were competing for the throne.

The topic here is a gem I found on the New Syria FB page, the author really had opened my eyes to something I didn't pay attention to before, I know about the hypocrisy that all of the US allies share the same values of being the most despicable, just look at the closes US allies in the Middle East: Israel and the USA, an apartheid regime built by terrorist groups, literally, over stolen land of an entire population who went into diaspora, and the second one is the most retard political system in the whole world, yet, there's no US push on either of them to come near to humanity, on the contrary, the US shows full support for these demonic entities.

Enters Jordan, have you heard of this state drawn in the sands over 95% empty desert and 3 cities? It's ruled by a monarch who claims to be a descendant of the Islam prophet and their only proof is they say so.

Its monarch also comes from today's Saudi when their grandfather was defeated by the Al Saud founder! The post I found on New Syria is about a comparison between the national anthem Jordan and the national anthem of Syria, the country the whole world united to 'democratize' using tens of thousands of terrorists, bombing, sanctions, and destroying the country's infrastructure to help the people vote from among a collection of carefully selected US puppet clowns.

Read carefully:


That's also one of the US's strongest allies in the region who the ruling establishment in Washington foiled a plot to overthrow the king to replace him with his younger brother, the plot was orchestrated by Trump and the Saudis.

We're not perfect in Syria, our political system is not the best and we can't care lesser about achieving any democracy that satisfies our enemies, neither your political system is perfect.

Disgusting hypocrisy.

Image source: New Syria FB page.

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