Hurry Up, Buy a New Brainwashing Machine!

in #politics5 months ago

As the global economy is heading toward the abyss, mostly so in the western world and their satellite countries, it is important to remain dumbed because the truth will hurt more, grab a brainwashing machine if you don't have one.

brainwashing machine.jpg

When they replaced news with entertainment and when news is handled by clowns and entertainers, either you will wake up and get mad and try to do something about it before it's too late, or stay on the couch consuming the garbage thrown at you by the same ones who lied about every war and conflict they waged and started in the past century.

Remember: "You'll be dumb, and you'll be happy.. Eat bugs." Best regards from your friends at the WEF, installing puppet regimes across the western world for decades.

Image source: New Syria FB page.

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