The Power of Community: The Benefits of Open Value Networks

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Thursday, July 27th, 2017.

An Introduction to Open Value Networks and the Power of Teamwork

The ADSactly Community is structured around the concept of an Open Value Network and we are extremely passionate about the idea of a cooperative community and member independence. Communities are the engines that keep projects running and implementing the right system will bolster amazing results in all aspects of your project.

Throughout history we have observed that the greatest achievements have been accomplished through teamwork. Whether it's navigating the Atlantic, defeating Hitler's regime or venturing to the Moon, group effort has propelled humanity forward is unimaginable ways. The use of teams and reliance on each others strengths is still relevant in today's world and especially in the world of cryptocurrencies, where community back coins are using teamwork to go head-to-head with big money backed projects, and winning. An Open Value Network is the best form of teamwork. By employing several value rewards for members of the network who contribute to the project in positive ways. Because of the wide array of tasks required to complete or even start a project, an Open Value Network can entice outside talent for it's fair and balanced reward system.

The benefits and drawbacks of an Open Value Network.

It is important to keep track of contributions to the project. Members may become disgruntled if they feel they aren't properly compensated, but thanks to the blockchain it is now easier than ever to record users actions and rewards on a public ledger. The reward system logs productive members contributions and places a (more often) monetary value for each task required to complete the project. The structure of an Open Value Network allows for members of all skill sets to contribute and be rewarded for it, leading to a healthier community and a positive outcome. As you can see in the above video, once companies move from open source to closed source it can cut off innovation. By choosing to keep a project open source not only can you build a more personal relationship with developers and enthusiasts but you can often times find 'undiscovered' talent as many talented individuals often voluntarily opt out of the corporate space in favor or more communal projects.

An example of an Open Value Network

ADSactly aims to be one of the leaders in implementing and maintaining an Open Value Network. The crypto space has been built around open source community projects. Some great example of coins with passionate communities are OKCash and Canada eCoin, two projects backed by exceptional and passionate communities. We encourage enthusiasts throughout the crypto space to get involved in a community project as more than just an investor. We truly believe that there is no better way to learn new skills, make friends, and build cool things.

Thanks for reading our article on Open Value Networks,
ADSactly Team

More information about Open Value Networks

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BitShares is a huge Open Value Network too :)


Good thinking! thanks for your comment :)

We have been researching this type of Model for the past several months. Before we decided to build upon the Open Value Network Model we are actually coming up with our own Decentralized Model that will help make this world a better place.


I am following you closely and understanding your concepts. I think as team we can achieve anything. Thanks for you support.

Teamwork is the key to success. U work as a team u can make anything possible with the power of teamwork


@imdadn7567 I agree! Teamwork is vital in order to have projects become super successful and plus it is more fun working with people!

Thank you for everything you are doing! @adsactly


yup u are right :)

Together we are great :) thanks to the ADSactly Team


Keren, boleh kah saya bergabung.. 😊🤗

This is absolutely right.
And on a democratized blockchain where all people have a stake in the coin and thus have good incentives to help co-create and share ideas and talents to benefit the progression of the coin, this can really take off!

Grateful for your work and initiative @adsactly and hope as many as possible get on board :)


Thanks for your feedback!


Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

Teamwork is essential in everyday's life. Sadly we have a lot of people still thinking about themselves!

nice work


Thanks for the précisions 👌😉!

Taking teamwork to the next level!

Very nice post


Why Thank You @abutaleb

Open value networks are an incredible concept! Allowing anyone to contribute attracts more people than habitual marketing. Open value networks also provide a great deal of transparency and creativity. I personally think this is an amazing project you are putting together and will definitely spread the word! Thanks for sharing, keep on steemin!


Well thank you for your excitement with this Model we did not actually come up with the model ourselves however we are in the process of developing our Model that builds upon the Open Value Network Model. We should connect on Twitter or Discord and keep in touch.

The union makes the force

Nice post upvoted, if you like the cooperative community, help me with your upvotes to grow the Italian community.

I would be very grateful to you! Thanks

I wish my job rewarded me by blockchain! Great post. Following you for more great content.

Thanks for 👌😉!Very nice post

Nice one


Thanks for the comment.

Open value networks totally make sense,everyone wants what's best for the community.

I really like the diagram, how everyone can interact if they choose to.

Teamwork makes the dream work! It's that time again where I go through my recent followers, follow them back to show them I support their conquests, and upvote, make a generic comment to slightly engage them, and resteem an original post. This is the one I picked of yours. So, thank you for finding me in these vast waters, I look forward to seeing what you will decorate my feed with!

Very nice post. Thank u info
Me resteem this post


Isn't all graphene crypto, like STEEM, for example, a good teamwork and quite open and transparent network? Great to have you here to support it!

Would you be willing to delegate Some SP to @bellyrub

All I know, is that it's going to be a lot of fun building this in the terms of a crypto-related setup. We are building the future of how people will work together, get paid for their work, and contribute to a growing community. It's going to be fun, solid, and exciting for everyone involved. If you're interested you can reach out to myself or ADSactly to find out how you can get involved too! Thanks!

open source project is what i love about steemit. sharing your story or codes(on github) like @inertia did. we can expand through this.

100% upvoted. Open source and team work is literally the future. And the future is now.

@adsactly great post upvoted and followed , cvheck out some of my post on music , anarchy , theology hope ya have a great day mate peace

Interesting ideas. I like the fact that it allows all levels of contribution to be acknowledged and rewarded.

We could change the world we living in into a better if humans could only understand the true meaning of humanity. In my 10th day on steemit community I observe how greedy other user are, selfish and unfriendly. They are after the money and forget the concept and the mission of this community. If we could only understand the true meaning of this virtual world, we could change life in the real world.

@adsactly, this sounds incredible. I look forward to hearing more about Open Value Networks. When people feel like they are being valued want to continue to contribute.


We are glad that you like the idea stay tuned for more posts related to this subject in the near future.

just a note to say that this post appears in the main listings as having a vote count of minus 300+

Interesting stuff. I hadn't heard of OVNs before. I'm going to thumb through the extra links you added at the bottom of the article. Thank.s

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