The State Vs Chicken Farmers: Tyler Danke for Wisconsin Secretary of State

in politics •  6 months ago

Adam interviews Tyler Danke and talks about his run for Wisconsin Secretary of State, chicken farming, technology, blockchain voting, and more!

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My phone isn't wanting to play the video but yeah I don't know why everyone screws chicken farmers over but they seem to get it from both ends. We should just let them produce their damn chickens, if you ask me.

You are a great man. Patriotism these days is very seldom. Almost every person live for his or her own self. Politics has been used as a tool for self success. The government should be by, for and of the people. Sadly, it is used as a tool against the will of the majority. Someone is getting richer and powerful while the country is shrinking. Everyone should partake for some changes for the better. And you just did your part and is still doing it. May you continue doing so for the betterment of your country. Salute to you!

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This is actually a shock to me. In my country I've never heard chicken farmers getting a hard time from the government or otherwise. I mean they do have their own flaws and what not but not so much so as to attract media and district attention. That's too bad.

On another note, I like your relentlessness and patriotism when it comes to your country. A true representation of what we all should be doing-taking action and impacting change. Kudos to you!

The state sees us as cattle, I am tired of hearing religious bullshit preaching for authoritarianism! These people are great, I hope that we had a similar political movement here on Chile! Anarcho capitalism is the only thing that is true freedom, this guy seems like a great guy! Crony capitalism sucks and the free market is the only agoristic solution to the problem. let's be honest and say that the reason why people hate the economy is because of the alliance of government and corporations! Which is centrally planned like communism. See you later Adam, I haven't slept in two days.... :D

You gave lot of good options for enterprenuership

Amazing interview Adam!
Again I learned something new.