Tom "Liberty Clause" Arnold: Unity and Change at the 2018 LP Convention

in politics •  4 months ago

Adam catches up with his friend and fellow LP member Tom Arnold and they reflect on the 2018 convention in New Orleans, LA.

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I have to agree, #Unity was certainly felt. We all have our own minds but together we will #FinallyFreeAmerica

Tom has a great goal of establishing and unifying the Libertarian Party! Lol Dancing to Dixie Funk was his favorite part of the weekend. What a great interview Adam, good job man.

it seems RR Martin the game of thrones writer ..


and you have won the internet for today, congratulations.

What an excellent interview and what a good initiative to give the book, in addition to motivate reading, is done with such an important topic. I hope you can enter the contest

I dont know why I always listen when an older man with a white beard and soft voice speaks with any passion, Its a good voice for the cause

Damn, I was hoping for this Tom Arnold