Donald Trump Not Going to Apologize After ‘Shithole Countries’ CommentsteemCreated with Sketch.

in politics •  last year 

Go Trump.

People just like to get offended by anything and everything, its like there is a competition and everyone wants to win ~the most offended~ prize.

We all knew Trump is not going to be apologetic about his statements or opinions, and especially if they are true,nor should he. MSM is surprised their bullying and guilt trippin isnt working, so all they are left with is to get offended again.

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Why should he? he should sign an EO and execute wolf blitzer and the low life that questionned him, I think it's costa or something like this... that would quiet them for a while... they should fear, as they are too treasonous to respect...

great post !


and those scumshit don't even mention twitter trading in dm and co... what a bunch of treasonous mercenary propagandists... no better than isis propagandist! eo + drone strikes ! less problem. as long as o'keefe is protected by the full of the empire all is good according to the first amendment and the constitution ! the enemies die, the hero live !