When Will It All Finally Come To An End? - Episode 1349b

13 days ago
64 in political

The case against Debbie Wasserman Shultz continues to become more and more suspicious. The laptop she was fighting for didn't belong to her it belonged to Imran Awan. Mueller has changed direction, since he cannot find anything in regard to Russian collusion he is going after Trump finances.

Attorney General Sessions is not pursuing leakers in Washington. New report showing McMasters is very volatile. He stated in a letter that Susan Rice did nothing wrong and allowed her to keep security clearance. Hacker who stopped Wannacry malware was arrested. Venezuela opposition leader was returned home after his arrest. EU named additional Russian officials and placed sanctions on them. The deep state is now pushing global drills to counter Russia.

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  ·  13 days ago

Thanks for the report

  ·  13 days ago

Thanks for the update

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Hello... I love listening to you on YouTube...
Just so you know, I have all the answers you've
been searching for in my many Posts... I may
become the 3rd person you follow...

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  ·  12 days ago

Very interesting report Dave.

  ·  12 days ago

We are getting dangerously close. I think it's become a game of chicken. Someone will blink soon.

  ·  12 days ago

How long will this desaster go on? Why are the sheeple still marching in favor of the wolves?