What Is The Real Las Vegas Agenda? - Episode 1391

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Puerto Rico is getting supplies. The Catalonian people voted to be independent. Egypt was caught purchasing black market weapons from the North Korea.

The Cabal is pushing their agenda, what was the motive behind the Las Vegas event. The man accused was not an avid gun user, he did not fit the profile, and he really didn't have a motive.


Oh man :(, strength to all those who lost a special someone.
Thanks for posting.

All I can say is my thoughts and deepest condolences go out to the victims and their families. It's such a sad day for all of America... for the world.

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We are suppose to believe that a 64 year old man carried a bag full of 10 rifles (Very heavy) and this mass shooting happened with no pictures of blood or body parts? Come on man?

Maybe you need to get a better and more valid source of information.

Oh hey @x22report, you're on steemit! I had no clue. My husband and I have been listening to you on YouTube for two years going on three. We love all the content you've given the public. We highly value your work. Thank you for sharing and it's exciting to see you on steemit.

So many things happening around us today,may God continue to guide and protect us all.

The question is: What is real in the world???

"Homeland Security Cuts Federal Funding on Terrorism for Las Vegas" and "Nevada Homeland Security Plans Mock Terrorist Drill" were two recent articles found on LasVegasNow.com, Channel 8's (CBS Affiliates) website. FOLLOW THE MONEY

Great Post thank you for share Upvote and resteem

there's something fiche going on in this world

Checking out my profile and funding the vitcims of the shooting

The U.S is brewing another 9/11 attack to wage war to someone else nation and sacrifice the life of

You are hinting on a conspiracy?

For me now its just crazy to comprehend how anyone can do such a thing, if it is this individual, or a group or whoever.

Nature is already destroying so much this year, and then mankind has to do it all over?? Crazyness

It is really a country that looks very nice.

I hope to see her soon

It is a interesting and scary world. Now when something bad happens we all know with in about 1 hour. A long time ago it could take days to get news of an event.

Dave , also don’t forget President PUTIN warned us of another false flag ⁉️ All indications are that they have to do something this fall , or the markets will bring the economy down .

Dave thank you for the insight and the breakdown. I have had the feeling since last night that there was something off about the official story. today as more information continued to filter out , I started to come to realize that Paddock is a patsy. I am waiting for evidence to prove the official story, but what keeps coming out is contradictory to the official story. I very much side with your analysis that it does not make sense that Paddock did the crime or was alone in the crime.

this is sooo true!

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my thoughts goes out to all the families and loved ones of the deceased....ALL WE NEED IS LOVE!!

Dave, This must be a false flag to DISTRACT the masses of the revolution being happening in Catalonia. The Catalonians have achieved independence from Spain! The central banksters DON'T want us to know that. Keep in mind that California, Seattle, Texas want independence from the U.S. What happened in Spain has 'set' a PRECEDENT to the whole world population that independence can be ACHIEVED 😊🙏👏

God be with us all in this crazy mixed up world.

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