What Is The End Goal Of The Deep State? - Episode 1353b

7 days ago
64 in political

FBI agents raided Paul Manafort's home in July, what did they find, not much. Russian lawyer reports that the US media changed her story around to make it sound much different than what she was discussing.

Tillerson and Trump are playing good cop, bad cop with NK. The deep state continues to push their agenda with NK, what is their end game?

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  ·  7 days ago

great work... keep it up
i have upvoted you and following you now..
follow back and upvote on my interseting posts which i have posted recently...

  ·  7 days ago

Great job as always!

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  ·  6 days ago

Been watching your videos for a year now. I highly recommend.

  ·  5 days ago

whatever happened to the stuff some people whomever they were that raided the dnc headquarters in New York with all the uhauls and such?

  ·  4 days ago

Mark my words. Manafort is the key.

Mueller will squeeze Manafort. Eventually offer him a deal. Manafort will grab hard. He'll turn on Trump and spill everything. Details, notes, recordings, photos. State's Evidence up the wazoo.

Trump is going down.