The US Just Admitted Something That They Never Admitted To Before - Episode 1406b

in political •  last year

Catalonians are withdrawing money from the banks, it looks like Catalonia and Spain are heading towards a civil war. Afghan soldiers trained in the US have gone missing. Russia ships doc in the Philippines to drop off weapons. USS Ronald Reagan reaches NK for the drills that are taking place. US will not interfere with Iran and Europe. Eastern Libya starts minting Russian coins. US SDF forces hand over gas fields back to Syria. The US just admitted that the paid mercenary groups used chemical weapons and that they have chemical weapons. The Kurds admit that they don't want to breakup Syria.

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That's interesting. Thank you.

These are controversial issues you got here... :)

I liked the post! I was going through today's and this one caught my eye! Thanks.

Just listened to your new report Dave. Great work as always.

A thousand thank yous !! To be perfectly honest, Dave, I can hardly function without you !!!!!!!

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