The Pattern Is Complete, The Game Is Always Played In The Month Of August - Episode 1354b

in political •  2 years ago

More families are now taking the Obamacare penalty instead of paying for insurance. Mueller has many different connections with corporations and specialty groups. Watchdog group is filing charges against the DNC for breaking federal election laws. USA today reports that everyone will be micro-chipped.

Trump thanks Putin for letting diplomats go because it is saving the government money. North Korea and the US are threatening each other with war. NK reveals plan to attack in August and the US reveals plans to have regime change. South Korea is calling for calm, Russia is calling form calm and China will not allow regime change.

The deep state always uses the month of August to push their agenda. The moderate rebels are losing ground in Syria and the borders surrounding Syria and being taken back by Syria and Russia and the countries surrounding Syria begin controlling their own borders

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I emailed my, Virginia, Senators, asked, if it was true, that they were exempt from the Care Affordable Act. Mark Warner just lied and said they were not exempt. Tim Kaine never responded. Both are looking at becoming President. “The government you elect is the government you deserve.” — Thomas Jefferson.

I think the propaganda is out of control with the major media Dave and thank you and a few other reasonable people that speak in a calm and reasonable manner. Keep up the great work!

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Why should we pay the national debt when a large chunk of it goes towards military spending, which is used, not to protect the U.S. borders, but to INVADE and bully other nations. The central banksters and the Too Big To Fail banksters should be the ones paying for it because they have been using it for their own gain and simultaneously, they have caused poverty, chaos, death, destruction across the world.


I know how you feel... We Borrow from the Banks to Fight their Wars, then we have to Pay them Back, plus Interest... I don't like being in Debt to the Banksters... The quicker we Free ourselves from their Grip, the better...

whens it gonna crash?

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I thought Trump stopped the penalties/fines for dropping out of Obamacare?

we stand with you Dave!