The Hunt Begins, The Strategy To Take Out The Elite - Episode 1308b

in political •  last year

The elite are now pushing the agenda to get Trump anyway they can, it doesn't matter if the stories are true or not, they want him out. US and China will be meeting to discuss the North Korean issue.

The Philippines report that the terrorist groups are so degraded they do not believe they will mount another attack. The corporate media is reporting that Trump is pushing 4,000 troops into Afghanistan, the entire strategy is not what everyone thinks, its to hunt down the elite.

Lavrov reports that the missile system the deep state moved into Syria makes no sense because the IS is not in the area.

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Great channel mate, thanks for all the work over the years.

great video Dave, thank you for all you have done

An awesome article @x22report. keep the fire burning. meanwhile, you can check up on me @myhealth

Very interesting, i hope Trump can find a way to end the elite. Wouldn't that be something :) I'm following you

Thanks Dave.

Finger on the pulse Brother Dave @x22report ! As always, STEEM On . . .

Dave, I've followed you for years. I think this is one of your very best pieces of work. Kudos to you. Glad to see you on Steemit.

Thanks for the information, and the balls to speak truth!