The Event Warning Meter Has Hit Code Red - Episode 1405b

in political •  last year

The wealthy are storing their cryptocurrency in Swiss underground vaults.The FBI informant that wants to testify has been threatened. The former FEC chair wants the government to crack down on disinformation and have the those who spread it libel for it. North Korea is allegedly building a ballistic submarine. Iraq wants the Kurds to stop selling oil. The event meter is off the charts, it has hit code red.

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"Crypto in underground vaults"... Huh... Guess they don't have Ledgers, Trezors, or paper wallets in Switzerland... #Lol


Elites do not know how to personally do any of that nor would they trust their servants from walking away with a few hundred million in a paper wallet. So they contract out to company to hold their stuff for them.

You say the elites will never give up. That may not be true. As people get wise to the false flags, and other trickery, the traditional evil methods of control no longer work. Then the elites just don't know what to do. Every time they try one of their evil tricks, the situation gets more dangerous for them.

We may or may not be to that phase of the process yet, but I think we are at least getting there.


Elites will never give up because they will either go to jail, or worse if they do.

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