The Deep State Strikes Back, Pushing Everything To The Edge - Episode 1348b

in political •  11 months ago

Deep state is leaking as much info as possible. The FBI has your info and they don't have to inform you that they do. Seymour Hersh shows that the CIA as behind the entire Russia operation. McMasters is firing people that are close to Trump. Duterte wants 30,000 more soldiers. Troops are moving up to the contact line in Ukraine.

Trump signed the sanctions but is making preparations to take it to the supreme court. Russia says the sanctions will not stop the pipeline to Germany. Russia scales down gas supply to Ukraine. Russia sets up more de-escalation zones in Syria.

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Thanks Dave, excellent analysis.

Most Americans see the circus that is Wash DC politics, but don't realize the real story is much larger than that. This is no less than a battle between the forces of good and evil. If that sounds melodramatic, well a few short years ago, I would have agreed, but no more.

President Trump is a person who will body slam anyone or anything that opposes him, whether its a heckler at a rally or the forces of deep state. He's a bullheaded egotist with a strong back. He's not religious so he doesn't feel he needs God on his side, and anyways if God wasn't on his side, Trump would fire him! As far as I'm concerned, even if he loses battles to deep state, and still says stupid things, as long as he keeps fighting the good fight, he's got my vote in 2020.

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False flags have always been the igniter to start wars, and a ship blowing up and blaming North Korea would do it, or a plane brought down while they tested a rocket...