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Layer By Layer The Cabal Is Being Exposed To The World - Episode 1420b

in political •  11 months ago

The CBO has reported by removing the tax penalty the government would save millions, the people would then be able to breath a sigh of relief. The entire Russian collusion is back-flashing on the cabal, layer by layer the cabal is being exposed to the world. A new survey was conducted and 82% of the people says its tough to ban hate speech.

The EU joins the US in pushing sanctions on Venezuela. Ukraine cancels arms agreement with Russia. The UN warns of chlorine gas leaks that could injure thousands in Ukraine. Russia is boosting trade with Japan. The UN chemical weapons report is out and it doesn't hold water, Russia is ripping it apart. The US is warning children not to look at the school websites because they were hacked by the IS.

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The information is coming out on this

We are misled in nearly every aspect of life. It is a rude awakening to learn about the government robbing the hard working people and handing the wealth to the elite one percent. We are slaves and need to leave the treadmill.
Thank you for lifting the veil!