Is It All Coming To An End, What Else Does The Cabal Have Up Their Sleeve - Episode 1372b

in political •  9 months ago

The corporate media and the cabal must be worried because there is now an investigation into the Trump dossier. There is a proposal to use blockchain in voting, this would make a truth machine. Top EU court wants countries to accept refugees or be sued. South Korea might implement THAAD system.

The new is reporting that China is closing the border with NK. Trump says that military actions is not his first choice. Iran closes its airspace and the UN reports that the coalition forces have not protected civilians. The IS though Site Intelligence is reporting that they will poison the west food supply.

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good report, thanks Dave

There is a proposal to use blockchain in voting, this would make a truth machine.

What? No voter fraud? What would this country be like without voter fraud? @ironshield

The blockchain might be an excellent adjunct to the American voting procedure, but if there is no means to determine whether the voter casting a given vote is a lawfully registered voter, the blockchain ledger cannot bring virtue to the polls. The fight in the past has been with mostly Democrats claiming that authentication of a voter is a "chilling" and racially motivated obstacle to universal voting rights for Americans created by extremists hostile to "real democracy." In short, they claim that any voter registration targets the poor. The courts seem to agree with this more often than not. As former President Obama appointed a boatload of these, there is likely to be continued resistance to meaningful voter-registration reform.

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The first nuclear bombs were given to NK by China more than 10 years ago under the order of then president Jiang. By now, NK is probably able to produce them on their own...