Hold On, The Entire Globalist Economic System Is About To Come Apart - Episode 1376b

in political •  11 months ago

Comey is being recalled to testify because of false statements. There are reports that the Awans will get immunity. The fake news checker agenda is going down the tubes, the population does not believe the fact checkers.

US takes part in military exercises in Ukraine. The UN places sanctions on NK. Turkey signs the S-400 contract and puts down a deposit. Russia reports that 85% of Syria has been liberated. Iraq and Syria sign with Iran for power and nuclear plants. The Globalist system is falling apart.

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If I could I would give X22report and Dave 100 up votes. Your post I would never give anything.

I'm not looking for upvotes... Just read some of my Expired Posts or Updated Comments...

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Thank You Dave, good report. I hope in the future that we go back to a sound money backed by something.