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in #political7 years ago

How our Cultural Revolution works.

Our Pure leader and next US President Hillary Clinton is under attack from white racists men and the patriarchy.

As she said the Alt right simply spread lies about her and she is like all women pure in thoughr, empthetic, victimised and she deserve the Presidency because it is the turn of a women.

As we all know it was the Russians fault she lost as the election when Putin cleverly placed $100k of facebook adds that handed the Presidency to Trump. We now know why Putin did it, Hillary short changed Vlad on the Uranium One deal, that made the Clintons and her friends $1bs

Hillary has advised us that when appointed President she will do a Gaddafi on Vlad. That is why she will be the Pure Leader she is such a fanastic sociopath.

Victim culture forever
Comrade victim number one
Head of first peoples trans fluid non cis gendered muslim feminists collective
A George Soros open society initiative

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