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How the cultural revolution is soo amazing.

It is so exciting finally the Democrats have called white men out for their intergenerational crimes against women and people of colour.

Hillary was right, it was the fault of deplorable, misogynistic racist white men and women that caused her to loose the election.

We need feminists like this women in government she will fix the problem with a really good race war.

It has been suggested that most white women should be punished too because they are complicit in the crime of whiteness for having white male children but apparently some muslims like the Head of the Halal Certification Board do not agree he thinks they will make great 1st, 2nd or 3rd etc wifes for muslim men and have many muslim babies to keep them happy.

Victimculture forever
Comrade victim number one
Head of first peoples trans fluid non cis gendered muslim feminists collective
A George Soros open society initiative

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The Democrats are disgusting grubs.