Watch "the real Secret Congress Sexual Scandal"

in #political7 years ago

This video is highly confidential and not for ABC SJW listeners. They are too precious to hear the truth.

The ABC will not mention this because it was done by an untouchable icon/victim/person of colour who is on the left. Congress have a hidden fund that has paid off $17m to the real victims of these hyenas/politicians.

As i have said, power and money attracts psychopaths and sociopaths like Billy Feelings and Hillary Killary and it is amazing the useful idiots still vote for them or believe the mainstreet media.

Stephan nails it and the hyena part really sums it up. I suspect there will be many other virtue signallers on the left caught up in this like AL FRANKEN.

But will the left be able to cover it up. They are the biggest hypocrites because they now hate workers they just want victims who will vote for them.

And the victim culture hierachy is.

  1. first nation people,
  2. people of colour (based on the amount of melanin),
  3. refugees,
  4. feminists,
    6 LBTQ etc, and finally
  5. White straight women.

Who is the Oppressor class? White entitled, privileged, racist straight supremacists men/nazis/facist. They will be exterminated starting with affirmative action and eventually with death, eg opioid epidemic in the US.

This is the face of cultural marxism which is the new religion of the left.

The challenge is will these new socialist be able to match last centurys numbers of over 100M deaths by the old socialist of the likes of Mao Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler etc. etc.

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