Watch "Hillary Caught Conspiring with Russia to Frame Trump!!" on YouTube

in #political7 years ago

More wins in our Cultural Revolution

Finally we have proof that it was the Russians. The ABC, CNN, BBC etc have telling the truth all along, the useful idiots will be soooo happy and relieved.

Now we can impeach the President.

Victimculture forever
Comrade victim number one
Head of first peoples trans fluid non cis gendered muslim feminists collective
A George Soros open society initiative


Imagine that? The Clintons behind all of this...who would have guessed?

Come on, do you think Trump, as arrogant as he is, would care if the public knew he got golden showers from hookers if he got golden showers from hookers. I am convinced the guy not only doesnt care what people think of him, he actually relishes when people dislike him.

I am still amazed people still believe the mainstream media...absolutely stunned.

But they do....just shows the lack of intellect of the society in general.

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