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in #political7 years ago

The Genius of the Cultural Revolution

Great news we have the conservatives fighting amongst themselves, just as George said.

We have galvinised our Globalist Politicians on both sides of politics, Billy Feelings, Jeremy Caliph, Teresa May, Malcolm T, Leader Pelosi to take out the white working class and President Trump.

Our political leaders are so excited, more voters for the left, more cheap labour for the right and more victims to keep the technocrats employed.

We are especially proud of George W Bush and are so excited that he is supporting our globalist cultural marxist agenda. For his help we rewarded him with a meeting with Lady GaGa, one of our favourite music propagandist.

Its win win win, to we achieve the primary goal of the Cultural Revolution, the end of whiteness and the creation of our Socialist, cultural marxist, utopian calaphate.

Victimculture forever
Comrade victim number one
Head of first peoples trans fluid non cis gendered muslim feminists collective
A George Soros open society initiative

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