Watch "Australians Use Gay Rights To Persecute Christians" on YouTube

in #political7 years ago

The new religion of the left "cultural marxism" true to form is about to start their inquisition of Christians now the persecution of white men is well under way.

Remember history proves the old religions of the left, national socialism, communism and socialism identifys all western religions as the enemy so it is history repeating again.

The religions new commandments of identity politics, political correctness, gender diversity, 3rd wave femanism, anti facism and islamaphobia, love of refugees, victim culture exist along with the old socialist mantras of redistribution of wealth, equality of outcome, and a living wage for everyone which is then tied into their age old goal of eliminating the oppressors/bourgeoisie.

Divide and Conquer and the creation of a totalitarian system is the objective of psychopaths and sociopaths.

Funny how religion is always a problem when used as a control tool by the psychopaths. By mixing cutural marxism with islam they truly have the nuclear bomb of religions.

It will be fascinating to see what excuse the left will come up with to exempt their new favorite religion islam and their muslim victims from the LBTQ etc legislation they will introduce.

As islam is all about submission to god and authority they will find away.

I think they might just manage to kill more people this century than last unless be wake up to what they are up to.

Victimculture forever
Comrade victim number one
Head of first peoples trans fluid non cis gendered muslim feminists collective
A George Soros open society initiative


kuttar baccha is very cute

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