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The world today faces a pandemic that threatens to annihilate a good part of its inhabitants regardless of whether we are dealing with a genetic weapon of synthetic origin or product of the evolution and natural selection of the fittest. What this pandemic is really about to achieve is to take away the few rights that, through effort and struggle, have been achieved for the good of all. An RNA virus like this that measures 200 nm (manometers) is similar in size and even smaller than some suspended particles that are carried by the different air currents throughout the planet as a mechanism of exchange and energy balance. It is known that the dust from the Sahara that is thousands of km from, for example, America has the ability to turn the northern hemisphere several times and in turn deposit these particles in suspension. So if we look at the table of winds that blow on these dates we will see how they drag particles from places such as the Gobi desert in China passing through the plain of Central Asia and with the Sahara desert. To later reach America and deposit part of its content and in turn suspend and drag new particles from the arid areas of North America, in order to continue the cycle. This phenomenon happens every year and coincides with the appearance of the so-called stationary influences and other affectations.

All of the above is in the public domain, but then they tell you to stay at home, not to be exposed to the open air, to stay more than a meter from the others. Thus killing the existing social structure and preventing the grouping of people. And preparing the way to suppress the exchange of ideas and opinions.

Well, what if the persecuted here were something else?

For example, in a scenario like this and given that the month of April has begun, it is logical to think that the rainy cycle would worsen the situation. Therefore, in the measure of keeping people locked up as vile animals and without having a clear contingency plan, it is very likely that it will lead to outbreaks of violence, public disorder and looting. Precisely that is what is required to then suppress the right to the exchange of information, that is: the Internet. This is logical given that (They) the self-elected will have to take measures to prevent individuals from coordinating and sharing information that serves to generate such disorders and chaos. Then only authorized personnel will be able to circulate and they will eat what is provided, that is the reason to forgive the different debts, the bank and the capital not to forgive debts. If they offer you to stay home without working and without paying, it is synonymous with having a prepared collection mechanism. Then, in a system based on the different rewards, only individuals related to the different regimes (society based on punishment and reward) can go out to work and exchange information.

It may sound alarmist, but let's analyze the pattern of state support that some countries are implementing. The stampede of the virus caused panic purchases, even if you are aware of the above you will have to acquire supplies since failure to do so exposes you to slaughter. So the majority have used their savings or got into debt to prepare for this contingency. In a hypothetical future scenario in which and by force of the perverse minority and against the submissive majority, they must remain in their homes or premises as if they were vile concentration camps. The state, the good and kind state will provide them with rations of help and hopefully perhaps such rations will already be spiced with what a few days ago they were saying was the discovery of the century: programmable nanostructures of biological origin (biobots).

Slavery has many faces and certain individuals of perverse genetics and nature will try at all costs to maintain this slave model regardless of what measures or means they have to resort to. The greatest fear of these individuals is that the majority will become aware and share information in order to get rid of this pandemic (They) from above and for life.

And then, to the bark of: "shut yourselves up in your pens and stables, you are contagious!", The big cattle and the poultry obey. Mention is made of pens and stables given that: it is not the same to go through quarantine (it can be indefinite) in a mansion with a tennis court, heated pool, golf course and a nice helicopter in case you have to fly away than to pass the quarantine locked in a neighborhood, in a slum, in those apartment blocks. So they use artists from different media and social media influencer to convince (create trends) the majority. In an event like this and contrary to popular belief, overcrowding, stress, lack of hygiene and others will soon take their toll, and perhaps the solution will be worse than the problem.

It is true that the number of victims increases every day, but how many starve to death from the war that ravages Yemen Syria, Afghanistan? How many migrants are drowning in the Mediterranean off the coast of Europe, how many die of curable diseases in Africa, Asia and South America? How many die from the violence unleashed in, for example, Mexico a country plagued by corruption and institutional vandalism? How many are locked up in jails without having committed any crime and without due process guarantee? How many die trying to get to North America?How many are forced to carry out inhuman work, including slavery and child abuse? How many women are forced into prostitution? How many are discriminated against because of their faith, religion or sexual preference? How many forced to suffer hunger and injustice. How many animals stripped of their very habit in which they exist before us (difficult question for lovers of Roman law)? How many kilometers of forests disappear per day? How much abuse to the environment? The greatest of the pandemics that plague this blue planet today is indifference, selfishness, excessive greed, corruption and fraticidal violence.

It happens that those types of statistics and figures do not serve their purpose and only point the accusing finger at them and label them criminals, too many uncomfortable truths.

The evil part of humanity and since its inception has tried to subdue the rest docile and ignorant it is foolish to believe that with techniques taken out of the garbage can of some advisers they can accomplish such a purpose. Every day they strive more to lead people to believe that what is immoral and wrong is logical. Trying to change in a childish act the
meaning of truth and logic, for example the definition of terrorism says the following and you can find it in web search engines: “Terrorism: a violent form of political struggle, through which destruction is pursued of the established order or the creation of a climate of terror and insecurity. Susceptible to intimidate political opponents or the general population. ”

The background of all these measures aims to create advantages among political adversaries to guarantee the permanence or perpetuity in the "order", destroy entire economies and others. This follows from the fact that those who control most nations are "politicians" not administrators. There is a difference of 180º between a politician and an administrator.

But how to differentiate both?

[1] If the figure in the commission has used some type of paid advertising medium, carrying out campaigns and preferably with funds from the public treasury. So we are in the presence of a politician. An administrator is chosen for his merits and ability to manage, that is, for his deeds not for his campaign promises.

[2] If the figure in the commission meets behind closed doors with their counterparts and other national and foreign representatives, but does not allow to know the content of the agreement or does so in a partial and summarized way. We are facing a politician, an administrator can not omit the contents of these meetings to those represented, since the topics discussed in them affect society or the nation in general. Topics in the fiscal, territorial, economic and more.

[3] If the figure in the commission has had or has to by decree, that is, without consulting its representatives, implement measures that affect their well-being or assets. With stockings that attempt against the will of the majority or the general population. We are facing a politician, an administrator cannot or should not, without consulting his representatives, make arbitrary decisions that are contrary to their interests. To do so would usurp functions for which he was not appointed and would not be a commission but a position, which he aspires to reach to satisfy vanities and needs of himself or his partners regardless of the opinions or needs of their constituents.

[4] If the figure in the commission cannot enforce the requirements of his constituents given that third administrative or political actors prevent him from fully exercising his functions and this due to alliances, pacts or agreements between them or due to intimidation, coercion or threatens his person, family nucleus, other managers of different matters or the general population. We can say that we are facing a politician, an administrator is the maximum figure of a nation or country, therefore the other managers of the different portfolios are under his orders and if they do not do so they are exposed to various sanctions as well as civic action. of society itself. Since the latter is the greatest guarantee that an administrator has and therefore his best ally.

[5] If the figure in the commission has allowed, allows or plans to transfer part of its sovereignty to third nations or parties, the above in the illegal and illegitimate framework of "plans". Same that said regions, bases or areas will use to carry out events of a military nature, to carry out experiments or tests in urban areas or in human beings, experiments tests and actions that they are not allowed to carry out in their nations of origin, for the collection of data or information from society in general and being harmful to the latter. We can say that we are facing a politician, an administrator preserves the national integrity and the interests of its represented parties and does not lend itself to acts of association with third parties that attempt against their represented parties or third parties since doing so would violate the principle of neutrality.

So we can conclude that a politician only aspires to come to power to satisfy his own needs and those of his partners, making promises that he knows he cannot fulfill, to enrich himself at the cost of the work and sacrifice of others, to cling to power, to corrupt whatever Because corruption is vertical, to deceive us. Unlike the above, an administrator seeks the well-being of his constituents and nation, prosperity based on equity and justice, access to the exercise of the rights of the represented, since it is useless to have a nice constitution if the rights set forth in you cannot exercise it. An administrator seeks peace between peoples and nations through mutual respect, solidarity and collaboration. An administrator does not betray the trust placed in him, because he is like a father and strives in the same way as a father not to fail that trust. And then both father and son merge into one and become immune to evil and hostility. The two biggest tools that an administrator has are the truth and its people. The rest we leave to God, because God loves and forgives, does not punish and subdue.

Subject to abundance.

So apparently someone aims to manufacture an express pot without a release valve, to later justify harsh measures against their own population and third parties. Using for it the army and the police as well as other corporations against their own people. For which they will take to the streets tactical and military equipment in a clear act of state terrorism. The good news is that power is short-lived and ephemeral. The international court in The Hague is still in force and is pursuing crimes against humanity. For this reason and in their times, characters who thought they were chosen and untouchable ended badly, ask to Anastasio Somoza, Comrade Ceauşesco and his beloved Doctor Elena, Anastasia and his consort king, and the list goes on. Apparently this will happen again or worse we will still end up like the other time on Verdun Hill, only this time we will not use chlorine.

Pure and simple synarchism.