E pluribus unum

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It was the year of 1999 the duty was to support the new and vigorous Bolivarian revolution of Hugo chaves frías. At the request of the parties, the then colonel (not major) of the CIM (not of the DGI) asked for favors. So (Capsy et al) dedicated himself to laundering the funds for said friend. The Reds supported in the military and technical. I am strongly struck by the current fact that the system lends itself to a stupid game in which they try to sell as much fear as possible to people. Remember the date, ten years before that same source came the funds to create the then national center for genetic engineering and biotechnology. It is absurd to believe that they do not know what is happening, more understanding that the one who is leading the ship is a former professor at the central university of Las Villas. With a doctorate in solid state physics. I had the honor of working with some of them. Great among the greatest. Brilliant. So what is COVID?

What's next, what's the next book?

Using radio frequencies as a weapon to commit targeted killings?