Soldiers vs. kites : In border clash Palestinian protesters bring down Israeli drone using STONES and SLINGSHOT

in #politic5 years ago

#FreePalestine Protesters shoot down Israeli drones in Gaza during the latest demonstration near the Israeli border

The media report significant damage to farms because kelp-driven Molotov cocktails, reports AFP. Protesters claim the right to return home, seized by Israel in 1948. No Israeli was injured in the weeks of protests and the army was criticized by the international community for its use of live ammunition. Most of the 60 Gazans killed on Monday were shot dead by Israeli snipers, Gaza's health ministry said. The toll included a baby who died by tear gas inhalation. AFP reports that at least 2,400 others have been injured in the bloodiest day of the conflict since 2014.

Protesters used a slingshot to bring down an Israeli filming drone in Gaza on Friday during the latest in a series of protests near the border with Israel In what was a new aerial twist, the small Israeli drones faced off against Gaza kites with burning rags attached to them, according to witnesses.

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