How to spell "i am a Polish wanker terrorist and i will buy tokens especially for you since you dont roll over when i tell you"

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but first , some news:
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the lowdown on our sponsors favourite place, they seem to be portraying the mentality very well , even here :

click pic to read ... more breaking news on our sponsors favourite place coming up later

and :

obvious stalking, someone should check him, preferably someone from Poland, teach the kid some manners before someone else does that :)

DES, YO? from 44 to 4 rep in less than 48 hours just by talking back to a polish terrorist wanker piece of shit who happens to have a little more money and even less of a life than i have (who the hell would buy fucking tokens just to "get even" but sore losers?)

SO, i suggest all polish people both online and IRL/AFK stay away from me until they settle the matter internally in the name of peaceful ans smooth bi-lateral relations

yea, fuck off, all of you, you can't be on both sides

but its poland right? speech and censorship go hand in hand, maybe normal to you

but not to me

so they're polish then ?

i just noticed , right away on the comments ... :

the 15sp army ?

yea ned, steemit, andrarchy , bapmatt, that dutch fucker no one ever heard of but is always on number one, aggroed, you're just a pack of skimming bastards ain't ya ... all that bullshit about "community" and "platform"

so why dont you DO something about situations like this, theres NO defense except having more money

(for the masses! ofcourse justinee ojou-sama , its only a 100 dollar, right realwolf ?))


do coke much ?
omfg :)

yea, BUT

i don't see what's so hen about it, its actually totally pure american style :

  1. you let everything roll until someone pisses in your direction or on your turf (thats almost star trek...)
  2. ask once
  3. embargo the whole place until they hand over the terrorist

it IS, its historically accurate and proven

  1. ... i'd like to add a semi-colombian solution : los pepes : on top of the embargo you have black ops from all sides isolate with counterterrorism, in this case that would be downvoting everyone and everything it upvotes for curation and everyone it converses with in friendly manner ...
  2. if you can't stand up for yourself dont talk to me you panzy ass bitches

well yea, but it IS, and it happens ALL the time and THAT is how you do that

its okay, i dont HAVE anyone around me :)

and no i will NOT say please thank you sir for sticking it up my ass and please thank you sir could you please remove it now sir please sir i will say

FUCK OFF YOU FUCKING POLISH PIECE OF 2BIT TERRORIST WANKER ... buying TOKENS while raving on about saving the planet by downvoting sbi-holder

nothing but a 2 bit
terrorist wanker

questions ?

talk to the hand

if you had credibility left id say you lost it all but you did that the moment i found out you actually had no plan or intention to stop the perpetual inflation

if the headlines say tomorrow : "polish government makes steemit troll disappear" i certainly wont lose sleep over it ...


fuck you you fucking fuck

you dont hear me wanking about markthemark and that acid dropperyo , do you ? or realwolf or any of the other 'downvotes will save the planet' motherfuckers ?

no, its YOU because YOU are a terrorist

and there's only one way to deal with terrorism

that's to keep on smiling, EOF

hm, i don't but for the time being i still have to check one thing daily ... hard to avoid, so its hard to not see the polish piss and shit all over my post


woops, its the polish censor-downvote mafia


dude ... you need to check your troll then none of this would be needed

m hm, so i need to upvote me SEVENTY FOUR TIMES with 2000+ steem power all because of one polish wanker terrorist wrecking everything i said ?

FUCK YOUR #newsteem

He has over 2k ticket good for as many accounts.

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