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Steemweb zostaje wyłączony na czas nieokreślony.

There is a debate in polish community, which - in my opinion comes from "token greed". Some users claim that old dogs don't want to make space for new Steemians (many old polish users don't vote for vlogs, short posts etc).

So as I'm being asked to step aside and make place - I'm gonna make place and shut off my site which took me hours of work. I don't want to fill the space with not important stuff, ugh.

I will let new Steemians to show off and make something better.

Also I was told (in a public chat) by one of the most known polish Steeemian that my stats are low quality content etc.

The most hated thing by me is ignorance of somebody else work. I will never tolerate it.

That is why my site is closed for indefinite period of time.

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Don't let them pull you down. You have earned your place more than most others. Developing for the Steem engine is key and you have done AMAZING work with the interactive map. I am using it all the time. It is like going back to the stoneage of NextColony (even though it is not very old). Please bring it back.

Map is back with new functionality - You can load farms (inactive users) :D

Woohoo, I love you!

Come back!
Haters gonna hate. Just ignore them and do Your job.

wth... seriously, don't let it get to you... i have no idea what the fuzz is all about, but don't give in to the drama so easily...

We need you. Your tools are an enrichment.

Map is back with new "show farms" function

Nice! :)

Day without drama in polish community is a day lost!

Please don´t close it. It is such a great tool! Forget what others say, they are probably just envious.

meh, fill it whatever you want. A long ass rants, short rants, whatever. Be yourself ! there's plenty steem dapss out there and the demand of short content is rising especially with our attention span :D

Nooooooooooo, I was actually using your statistics :( please come back. I would even pay a nominal subscription.

You're doing a great job and make important stuff, it's nonsense what they say!

Please bring back your site... it's so useful!

Nie rób lipy. Rób swoje.

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Pogięło Cię? Wracaj mi tu natychmiast na Steemy! Co to znaczy low quality content? Jak chcesz pisać o jajecznicy, to piszesz o jajecznicy. To Twój blog, a nie periodyk naukowy. A jak tak bardzo Ci zależy na robieniu miejsca dla nowych, to rób jak więksi twórcy, czyli repostuj mało znany kontent, który Ci się spodobał i polecaj dobrych ludzi, bo co ciekawe, w taki sposób dajesz im większe możliwości, niż odchodząc.
Chyba, że coś źle zrozumiałam.
Jakby PewDiePie odszedł z YT, żeby "zrobić miejsce miejszym twórcom," to spowodowałby chaos, a nie pomógł i po prostu ktoś inny zająłby w końcu jego miejsce. I tu nie chodzi o to, że jesteś jak PewDiePie, tylko chcę pokazać, że to nie ma sensu.

Jak potraktować radę od postaci fikcyjnej?

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Learn to read please, I was publicly told that I'm 12 years old, my time is not important and that my content is made from generator.

Where did you find in this post info that I'm leaving?

I would appreciate if you don't comment my articles.

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You can stop offending people on public chat.

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