Do we should have prepare for a new silk road boom?

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According to the Indian geopolitics of Parag Khanna until 2030, the New Middle Ages will emerge, a new geopolitical system that will resemble a medieval system in terms of forces. It will be characterized by greater decentralization. The world will be less and less centrally controlled - the center of gravity will shift from the superpowers to many smaller political entities. "The world desperately needs strong regional security organizations that will be the main guarantor of stability in their regions. Moreover, it is precisely these groups, not France and the United Kingdom, that should be permanent members of the UN Security Council ... Challenges of the 21st century can effectively measure the coalitions of inexperienced governments, corporations and civic organizations that will provide aid not in words. Staff and resources. "
The axis of this new world will be the Iron Silk Trail, the Eurasian fast-rail network. Life in Eurasia will be concentrated along these Sino-European railways. The farther from the tracks, the less life will be (population area - up to 150 km from trail). For Poland, the medieval geopolitical system is a great opportunity, which means the possibility of exiting the present periphery to the center of the world. It is necessary to resume high speed rail project in every country. This is the future. China show us every day how it will look like.


It will be great if everything becomes more decentralised and everything isn't controlled and regulated by governments

Thank you so much for the news, Upvoted!

a new policy coming ?

I send all my friends this map of the BRI as I think it puts into perspective what is happening. Too many in the west don't know it is even happening and when they see this the look of surprise is worth a thousand bitcoin !

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