Police Shootings, Racism, and Private Security - An Interview with Dale Brown

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Choice Conversations hasn't always been a podcast strictly about personal development. That is a relatively new development. In the past, it was a variety show, and often the topic of the day was politics and the libertarian schools of thought. That led to an interview I will share with you today.

Commander Dale Brown is the founder of the Threat Management Center in Detroit, where his organization provides an alternative to the local police in the areas of safety and security. My interview with Dale was lengthy, and thus I broke it into 3 parts.

Part One

In this episode, we talk about Commander Brown's story and the story of his organization, but our talk goes far beyond that! We get into the nature of police work, where police are failing, and how his strategies are superior. Heedless of avoiding controversy, we then dive right into the topics of racism, racial profiling, Nazism in modern Germany, and sexism. In addition, we cover altruism, law, and the importance of conquering fear.

Part Two

In this episode, we talk about how his company focuses on prevention and non-violent solutions to the problem of security. Commander Brown walks us through multiple real world examples. We spend more time talking about racism and life in Detroit. We discuss the nature of running a business verses working for someone else, and even get into a debate about whether or not business is cut throat.

Part 3

In this episode, we talk about the recent police shootings involving Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. We discuss what the police did wrong and what Alton & Philando could have done differently. We go into how the media is stirring up racial hatred, and even have a debate about whether or not free markets work.

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