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Now, I'm not a huge fan of the police, especially when they criminalize nonviolent drug offenders like those who consume and use Marijuana, but this is where I can take a stand for the police... Biden is completely full of it when he claims to support the men and women who serve as police officers.

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Democrats for the past few years have been promoting anti-police rhetoric here in the USA. Many fringe politicians, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, have even declared the entire institution of policing in America as being nothing more than a racist organization filled with "white supremacists" who seek to do nothing more than oppress minorities, especially black individuals. These same politicians have supported radical organizations like Black Lives Matter and even push the idea that ANTIFA operatives don't even exist, while these same groups have burnt down entire neighborhoods in various cities around the country.

The idea that we are supposed to believe that Democrats believe in "law and order" is completely asinine considering the year long angst against policing in America. "President" Biden has been nothing more than a grifter along with "Vice President" Kamala Harris, as they claim to support liberty and yet were two of the biggest reasons why incarceration rates have expanded these past few decades (especially with Biden once being a senator and pushing for a larger police state). It seems as though these people only support the police when they push and arrest their opposition such as when conservatives get arrested for actually peacefully protesting when radical leftists are free to destroy our communities without serious repercussions.

Policing in America certainly has to change, especially for nonviolent criminals, cannabis users and so and so forth, but we can't take Biden's claims that he supports the police seriously. There is always a political bias, and for sure he only supports the police when they do his bidding. I'm sure he would reject the police if his crack head son was actually investigated thoroughly and arrested for his crimes overseas.