Warning the innocent

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Do you flash your lights to warn other drivers of a cop ahead, waiting to molest them?

If not, why not?

Would you alert your neighbor to a burglar climbing in her window?

Would you let a couple walking in the park know you saw a guy with a stocking over his head hiding in the bushes waiting to ambush them?

If you don't warn other drivers is it because you know the other drivers might be "speeding", so they "deserve" to get stopped?

What if your neighbor has a wall-sized television that you envy? Is it OK for that to be stolen by the burglar?

What if the couple in the park are rich and have "too much money"? Is it OK for them to be robbed?

What if the thieves in each case don't stop at theft, but attack in other ways as well? What if the burglar is also a rapist? What if the guy hiding in the bushes is also a murderer? What if the cop has "officer safety" issues and is prone to be trigger-happy when frightened by an unexpected move or by the presence of a gun that isn't under his control?

Bad guys are bad guys, and I am happy to warn others of their presence.

Highway patrol


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Road pirates are a menace. Warn your fellow travelers if you see a pirate on the prowl!

Nice sermon, Thanks!

Being a little slow on the uptake, I once ignored flashing headlights... "Hmmm, wonder why they're flashing their lights?"

Rounding the top of the hill, I was picked off by a radar speed trap... Since then, I try to notice if a good neighbor is warning me.

Thankfully, I "beat" that ticket using California's "Trial By Written Declaration." Of course, it sucked up a lot of my time - but hey, far better than my $$$ in the hands of the evil state.



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I always flash my lights to warn others of cops ahead. My girlfriend gets mad when she's driving and tell her to warn others. So funny.

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i do, and try to post on facebook their hiding spots, and waze if the app is open. i'd hate to learn of a killer cop who's victim i could have warned.

i don't see a lot of headlights flashing to warn me, though.

My street is a busy road that leads to the highway. The cops like to hide nearby in a quarry parking lot. I see those flashing blue lights pulling people over in front of my house all the time. My neighbors and I often flash our lights to warn others if we see the speed trap. We all hate it when the cops pull someone over at night. The lights are so bright that they light up our whole house.