The most popular disease-bearing parasites

in police •  3 years ago 

It won't win you any popularity contests to be honest about cops.

By being honest about cops, it's like I am hating on someone's big brother.

I'm criticizing the guy "they" feel protected by. And they feel protected because he'll beat up those who scare or threaten them. At least, that's what he claims to do, and he sometimes actually delivers.

They ignore the fact he's also a murderous rapist and a thief, because he makes them feel safe.

They forget that he's just as likely to beat them up as protect them-- they have amnesia about those incidents. And, in their denial, they'll bend over backward to defend every evil he commits-- at least in all but the most blatant instances.

The same goes for the State in any form. They'll criticize it around the edges, being unhappy when its archation isn't aimed where they want it aimed. But toward anyone who ever goes to the root, they'll flip out and defend the evil bully with their lives.

Statists are bizarre and hypocritical critters. That's why they are statists.



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