Support Law Enforcement

in #police4 years ago

I am totally in favor of supporting law enforcement.

With a trap door.


Just until the rope can be placed around its steroid-thickened neck.

Then I quickly withdraw that support.

No, I'm not calling for the death of any particular individual who lowers himself to do that "job", but of the entire idea that "laws" are a legitimate thing which should be enforced.

Cops are scum because the "job" is scummy. "Police" is an act of aggression and theft, not the vermin committing the act.

You can never make doing a bad thing into something noble or good. No matter how you try.

Yes, archators can ethically be killed in self defense, and a badge doesn't give them immunity from consequences of being a thug. I want every participant in every "no knock raid" to die in the attempt, every single time, without exception. Good guys would never behave that way. Good people would never support those who do.



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They're religious zealous, imposing righteous justice on sinful apostates.
The state is their god; and without their valiant efforts, it would withdraw its favour from society, and we'll all be doomed.

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