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People are tired of me harping on cops. I know it. They've told me so. It makes them mad. It hurts their feelings. It makes them... uncomfortable. They don't want to hear it.

I understand why. But I'm not sure I want to stop. It's just too important for liberty to make sure to drive the point home, and to never let up. To never give an inch.

Cops are where the boot heel of tyranny meets the human face. Without their active aggression, there would be no such thing as political power. The opinions of the bullies of the State would be nothing but a bit of hot air, quickly lost to the gentlest breeze.

Next to cops, presidents are nothing. "Laws" are nothing. Corrupt prosecutors (but I repeat myself) are nothing. Power-crazed judges are nothing. Bureaucrats are nothing. The State is nothing. Cops are the one thing that makes government a problem for Rightful Liberty and those who exercise it. Nothing else even comes close-- no matter how evil and reprehensible other things may be.

Yes, I understand it is tiresome to hear "Cops are scum" and "Cops are losers" again and again. But it is more important than anything else you can hear, with regards to liberty. It is absolutely crucial to understand why you can't support cops without polluting yourself; without being a part of the problem. It's just the way it is, and telling it the way it is makes people mad. And, yet I keep on.

I try to be nice about it. I try to not get profane and angry like so many others I see. Quite honestly, I am not angry; I am persistent in speaking this irritating truth. Truth is mistaken for anger when that truth is painful.

In my day-to-day life I don't worry about cops a tenth as much as some of the people I know who don't have a principled stance against policing-- simply because they fear being the target of police attention. Or because they worry that a cop will see them doing something "illegal" while driving. That's something I really don't worry about. It is what it is, and I'm not going to live my life worrying about those parasites.

As with any gang, I avoid contact as much as possible. I recognize what they are, and I don't sugar-coat it. And I go on with my life, knowing they are utterly irrelevant and worthless in the grand scheme of things.

But, I know it is something the population needs to keep being reminded of, because the cult is so ubiquitous and so generally popular. And because it is important.


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Good and keep harping! Americans need to open their eyes to what's happening in this country. The problem with the police has to do with training. The militant shoot first and ask questions later has to stop. They are not the military, they are police. Their job is to protect and serve, not murder and rob! Keep up the good fight and don't let anyone silence you!

Their job would be to report and investigate, but we don't live in a free society, so their job is monopolized violence to "protect and serve", which are just euphemisms for following orders and "maintaining law and liberty(oxymoron as liberty is arbitrarily against numerous laws)".

The main problem with the police is that theirs is a "job" which shouldn't even exist. The training problems are a distant second. They protect and serve the politicians who hold their leashes and send them a cut of the stolen money. And that's who they have always served and protected. #CopsAreScum

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Keep it up, because this truly is a lesson that people need to learn. And they can learn by hearing the message and doing a bit of reflection, or they can learn when they're face-down on the asphalt with a knee in their back and steel around their wrists. Hopefully, if more learn through the former way, they can avoid learning it the latter way.

You could always join black lives matter. I bet you'd feel right at home there.

It's important to recognize that there are criminals in every segment of the population. Be it cops, lawyers, judges, politicians, doctors, etc. There are those who ruin it for all the rest; the bad ones who give the good ones a bad rep. And then there are those who paint everyone with the same brush. See, your entire premise is based on a fallacy. It's called the hasty generalization, also known as the informal fallacy or the faulty generalization. Wikipedia describes it as: reaching an inductive generalization based on insufficient evidence—essentially making a rushed conclusion without considering all of the variables.

Perhaps you need to put your hate aside and re-think your argument if you want people to take you seriously. An argument based on a fallacy will only go so far.

Are some mafia knee-cap shooters "good guys"?
Are only some rapists "bad apples"?
Can you really rob, kidnap, molest, cage, and live on stolen money in a "good way"?
Can you choose to do evil for money on a daily basis and still somehow be "good"?
Or, do the acts that people willingly choose to do illustrate whether the person is good or bad?

You are obviously a disgruntled individual with a reason to hate the police. Is it because you've done something you shouldn't have? What's the real reason for your hate? It's pretty unreasonable to suggest that ALL police are criminals. Imagine for a second what your world would look like without it. Sure, it's not perfect; but what is? I take no issue with your views on government as a whole. I have libertarian leanings myself and tend to believe that smaller government results in increased individual responsibility and more freedom. But you're suggesting anarchy which is a fairy tale akin to communism - it only works in your dreams. Realistically you do need essential government services however limited they may be. It's like suggesting we don't need fire fighters anymore, or doctors, or dentists. So yeah.. you're just engaged in baseless ranting without offering any realistic solutions. Your world without police can't exist. It's unreasonable, impractical and unrealistic. Perhaps only good subject matter for Hollywood.


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... and since you didn't even bother to do a simple google search on the history of policing, I'll include it for you here. It turns out policing has been around for a helluva long time, mainly because criminals have been around for a long time. Go figure. Buh-bye.