"If a cop tells you to do something, just do it!"

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No matter what a cop tells you to do, just do it. If his demand was unlawful you can survive the encounter, with only a little damage to your ego, to face him in court at a later date.

Or, so sayeth the copsuckers.

Unfortunately, this belief of theirs ignores reality.

The main problem isn't even that the courts are controlled by the same gang, and will give the cop every benefit of the doubt, while viewing you as an enemy.

Sometimes, cops are delusional and irrational, and dangerous to decent beings. OK, not just "sometimes".

Once, years ago, I was picking up lunch from Taco Bell for myself and co-workers. Right at the entrance there had been a minor fender bender, and a cop was directing traffic.

I stopped and waited for my turn. The cop looked directly at me, pointed at me, and then waved me through. I turned into the lot and parked.

As I got out of my car, here came the cop (leaving his apparently non-essential duties). He was red-faced and screaming at me.

He said something along the lines of "Next time a police officer gives you directions, you had better follow them!"

I didn't even know what he was talking about, and admitted my confusion.

He claimed to have clearly indicated for me to wait. That's NOT what I saw, and (perhaps unwisely) I said so. I've rarely seen such an angry individual, and the truth didn't calm him down one bit. Strange beast.

But, to the best of my ability, I had done exactly what he told me to do. He was either daydreaming and not paying attention to what he was doing, or he changed his mind. Or he was lying.

I survived. Not everyone is as lucky.

Yes, cops are scum, and you can't always expect to survive just because you obey their insane demands. Sometimes you may have to defend yourself from these gangsters. When that day comes, good luck to you.

Angry Blue Line Gang scum


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"Submit or Die" is the same no matter how they try to word it.

I was a passenger in a car one night around 10 or 11 pm about 15 years ago.
We stopped at a railway crossing that had boom gates down and signals ringing.
Strange thing is that it was a train line that stopped operating after 7.30 pm back in those days due to noise.

After a while of waiting, a cop car turned up. One cop went to the other side of the crossing, over the tracks, and the other appeared to have made a gesture for us to go through the crossing via the other side of the road.

So we did...

We were met on the other side of the crossing by a red faced, spitting and screaming cop who yelled "Are you pissed or something?" and demanded to see the driver's licence.

After seeing our driver was a young girl, from the country, with no sign of having been drinking (She hadn't been) and us explaining that we were waved through by the cop on the other side, he threw the licence back into the car and told us to "Piss off!"

I'm still puzzled by the event to this day. Did the first cop signal us through the crossing or did she mean something else? Was there trains running on the line, that could have killed us?

We survived and I guess that's what counts.

Agreed. Never punch a rabid bear in the head. Just back slowly away, and hope they decide to target someone else.