Anti-drug hypocrites

in #police4 years ago

Nothing is as hypocritical as a cop smoking tobacco by the front door of the police station.
Unless it's a smoker or drinker who isn't a cop yet still supports the War on Politically Incorrect Drugs.

Drugs are drugs. The opinions of ethical cripples as to whether they are to be permitted or not changes nothing about their nature.

If you are a cop who enforces anti-drug "laws", you need to stop using drugs-- including aspirin-- unless you aren't bothered by your hypocrisy. If you support anti-drug "laws" and the "arrest" of those violating them, you need to give up all your prescriptions-- even if it means you die. Otherwise, you are nothing but a hypocrite.

Or, you could do the right thing and stop enforcing or supporting the stupid and evil War on Politically Incorrect Drugs. Drugs can be harmful, but the "Drug War" is worse.

Your move.

Drug abusers


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And I thank you for posting this example of hypocrisy of the "War on Drugs" dogma that must simply be stopped. Never worked on banning guns, whiskey, other types of alcohol, and cigarettes so what makes them think that prisoning potheads while some cops use cigarettes.

I agree with you that the war on drugs has to end but I wouldn't call it hypocrisy because cops don't believe in natural law but in positive law. For them not every drug is simply a drug that someone can use if he owns it. For positivists a drug magically becomes something different if the law says so. ;)