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Sir Robert Peel- one of history's true villains.

Not only because he was the Prime Archator of a State, but because he committed an act much worse-- one which still hurts liberty even to this day.

What was this terrible offense? He established "modern policing". Nothing he could have done could have atoned for that crime against humanity.

He remains a Registered Liberty Offender for this evil act.


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Vander Photography
"is that a butter knife lad?"😂
UK police are pretty laid back compared to other countries, it's mainly the laws that are insane ( and they keep adding to them every year!).


Just wish cops would refuse to enforce stupid "laws".

Oh! I never knew this before. Maybe his intentions were not what we have today. In my country presently, the police shouldn't see you as from 10pm.

Nice information bro @dullhawk ..thumbs up..

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I did not know that part of this character's story, good information friend